Tips to IB student to Finland

Please think and also try to fix possible:

a) Identity
– You need the passport as an official personal document
– Also take some local id card and better if it has your picture to use daily life in Salo

b) Banking in Finland
– we are paying to you about 60 €/month
– that’s why you need own bank account details
– it´s nice to have internet profile to that to operate with pc or mobile
– often its easy to have two accounts
=> 1. for daily use
=> 2. as safe if 1. is lost (takes weeks to get a new one) and to main moneys
– with internet operating profiles to use
– move from 2. => 1. daily moneys
– it´s good to have both accounts with Visa Electro –cards with our own pins (like the Nordea Bank one )

c) Mobile
– In Finland nearly every one use mobile every where – at schools too
– take our own phone with our
– our club might give our finnish SIM and mobile number and with full data WiFi to calling free inside Finland and surfing internet by your mobilephone
– It´s like Saunalahti Huoleton, 21 Mbit/s WiFi unlimited data, unlimited calls and sms inside Finland!/matkapuhelinliittymat

d) Laptop
– Nearly every family had own WiFi and at host families you can use it free
– Also at school there is WiFi
– If You use the mobileWiFi mostly you can use our mobielephone as a accesspoint
– That’s´why take our own laptop/pad with you (if You had it) to daily better netsurfing as with mobilephone 4-5 inc screen.

e) Some weblinks
1) Suomi – Finland How the Finnish System works

2) Salo

3) Rotary in Finland Youth Exchenge web  official Rotary Finland web
– –district web – our 3 clubs web (Salo rc, Uskela rc & Perniö rc)

4) School – Salon Lukio
– Salon lukio prese

Here some links and ideas. You might know them better but lets email together and me and Torsti try to find the answers.

Nice to see You Wiebke in Finland and Salo!